About us

black owned moving company

Contact Movers, a name that makes your moving process a dream-like adventure. We are a passionate team of professionals that understand how essential this moving journey is for you. We know that relocating to a new place can be thrilling while slightly overwhelming. We want you to enjoy this process while we happily take the burden of relocating your valuables to a safe and pre-decided destination. We self-assess the moving requirements, but we always value your opinions to customize the services and meet your needs at once.

To ensure quality, we place demands on resources

We maintain strict quality controls on our resources in order to provide you with premium moving services.

Professional Movers

All of our professional movers have knowledge and experience in working with furniture, interior items, and equipment. They are disciplined and punctual. And as essential workers, our movers have been vaccinated against COVID.

Trucks and Vans

Our cars are technically serviceable.  Vans made entirely of metal and outfitted on the inside with property-securing mechanisms. Clean both inside and out, with no foreign objects in the body.

Packaging Materials

We use only the best packing materials, high quality blankets, bubble wrap, boxes, tape and stretch wrap.